Programme at a glance

September 16-20, 2019

The main topic of the week is creativity. Creativity is a course about how we can release our creative potential to improve our work, our education and our life in general – without being limited by our social, professional or cultural backgrounds. The course will teach to become more creative both as an individual and in groups and will focus on the Creative Platform – a process-related method used in the development of products, organizations and employees as well as in educational context. The theoretical part of the course is based on studies of creativity. Creativity here is defined as unlimited knowledge application and four fundamental principles are identified for its practice: horizontal thinking, task focus, parallel thinking and no judgment. The four principles are explained and discussed in relation to specific cases.
The practical part of the course (idea generation session) is meant to inspire participants to develop a new creative organizational culture. Participants will get experiences from a high number of practical creativity exercises during training. The trainings focus on:

    1. New Thinking: an embodied training program, where the participants will become more creative simply by active participating in the exercises. This is widely used for developing a culture of creative behaviour.
    2. The 3D Didactic: a pedagogical system that can be applied in any subject to increase the level of participant involvement and to create a more creative environment in general.

During the week, you will also have a possibility to meet colleagues of your professional interest.